Our story

In a land full of job openings stood a vagrant. Instead of credentials, he only had a few side projects and decent problem-solving skills under his belt. Even though most regarded him with contempt, few appreciated the grit of an explorer and the ingenuity of a pioneer. As a result, he was able to become a software engineer.

This story isn’t common when over-filtering applicants based on their credentials is standard practice. Knowing this, the vagrant envisioned an accessible talent market, where the lack of credentials won’t be a handicap to applicants or block companies from acquiring capable talents. Thus begins the journey of Vagrant Ltd in 2018.

Using methodologies inspired by leading tech companies, Vagrant look beyond a talent’s credentials to ensure companies the widest access to an incredible pool of problem-solving, critical thinking, and output-oriented talents.


We scout in uncharted areas because we believe in taking risks to make a change.

We are resourceful in provisioning. Problem-solving skills are the key in the fast-paced world.

We take the road less traveled as comfort is the enemy of progress.

We invest in lifelong explorers and learners, building people up.

With strong values as guidance to a clear vision, we take strides in great pride.

We are Vagrant

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